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Shipping. Policies. FAQ.


Items ship out within 1-3 business days. If you need an item sooner, please email us before purchasing to see if we can accommodate you.  

Shipping Dates

We cannot guarantee arrival dates of orders without discussing them first. It can take up to 3 days for a package to go out, though unless it is a weekend or holiday it is usually 24 hours. In addition, First Class Mail and Priority Mail provide a window for dates (usually around 1-7 days for First Class and 1-3 for Priority) and do not guarantee their time frames. The only service that guarantees a time of arrival is Express Mail, but you also must contact us to make sure we can ship it out swiftly to guarantee your date.

International Orders

We now ship to over 175 countries! We ship internationally using DHL only and shipments will not go out as often, as we can only ship out 1-2 times a week. Canadian customers can still use standard USPS delivery. Any import duties or taxes that your country charges are the responsibility of the purchaser, so please be aware of your particular countries rules in accordance with this policy.  Customs can hold packages for a variety of lengths and unfortunately we cannot always predict this length. It can take months for some countries to clear a package. We cannot refund or cancel your order while it is being held in customs. Please be aware of these possibilities when ordering internationally. Currently, the countries we cannot ship to are: Afghanistan, Åland Islands, Ascension Island, Belarus, British Indian Ocean Territory, Central African Republic, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Congo - Brazzaville, Congo - Kinshasa, Côte d’Ivoire, Eritrea, French Southern Territories, Iraq, Isle of Man, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Myanmar (Burma), Niger, Norfolk Island, Palestinian Territories, Pitcairn Islands, Russia, Saint Martin, Somalia, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, St. Pierre & Miquelon, Sudan, Svalbard & Jan Mayen, Tajikistan, Tokelau, Tristan da Cunha, Turkmenistan, U.S. Outlying Islands, Ukraine, Vatican City, Venezuela, Wallis & Futuna, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Order Additions

Forget something at check out? No worries! If your order has not shipped yet, just send us over an email with what you'd like to add to your order. We will add it and send out an invoice. Also, if you'd like to add something from our sister site, Remy & Zara, we can ship them together! Just email us with the items you are after. and we will create a custom order for you.

Order Cancellations

We ship out SUPER fast in order to give you the best possible service. We are happy to cancel your order if the products haven't left our facility, but if your order is already with the post office we are unable to offer to cancel it. Sometimes orders ship out in as little as 2 hours, so we highly suggest that you contact as soon as possible if this is something you are hoping to do. We can not cancel orders past 48 hours of their placement.  

Delivery Questions

After an order leaves our hands, we are unable to acquire more info about it beyond the tracking number (which we both receive). If you need more information about a delivery or if something says delivered when it is not at your residence, PLEASE first contact the post office. We aren't able to access more information about the package but your local post office may be able to help. Please contact us if you have exhausted options with the delivery service, but before that we won't have the information you need. If items are marked delivered but aren't delivered, we are only able to provide a store credit or resend the products. Monetary refunds won't be provided to avoid fraud scams to our small shop. 

Returns + Exchanges

We accept returns and exchanges on all unworn clothing or accessories, unless they were purchased from our clearance section. Please make sure anything you send back be free from pet hair and cigarette smoke as well. Items that have been washed may not be returned. To return, you must contact us within 5 business days of receipt. You may contact us to exchange up to 10 business days upon receipt. After contacting us, we must receive the return or exchange within 10 days (or 20 international) or the items will be returned to you.  Cost of shipping both ways is the customer's responsibility. We refund the cost of the item only, not the original shipping cost of the item.

Damaged Goods

If you receive an item damaged, please contact us with photos of the item and we will proceed accordingly.  If an item breaks or tears within 10 business days after reasonable use, please contact us as well. 

Return to Sender

Occasionally, if an address is listed incorrectly or not collected from the post office, we will receive your order back. If the shipping address is correct, we will split the cost of resending back to you, as the post office does not refund when an item cannot be delivered. If we resend to the same address and the item still comes back to us, we cannot refund or resend to that same address. If the address provided was incorrect, we will either need the full payment for return shipping or we can cancel the order, minus the original shipping cost. Unclaimed items can only be re-shipped if additional shipping is paid. Otherwise, we can cancel the order, minus the shipping cost, as the original mailing label is not refunded by the post office. Orders sent to the incorrect address as provided by the customer cannot be refunded or re-sent if lost.

Product Origins and Vendors

As a boutique, we carry a variety of items from different origins in addition to creating our own products. You may see an image on our website that you would find on another website and it isn't a rip-off...most likely they also carry the same brand or manufacturer. We list all vendors underneath the item titIe on its individual product page. That being said, if the image being used and the vendor do not look like the original product you have seen (there are a lot of fakes out there) PLEASE notify us. We are not interested in selling other people's artwork without compensation and we will want to make sure to sever our ties with that supplier. Any items that say "Witching Hour Baby" in the vendor spot are our original products and are exclusively available here on our site only (unless otherwise stated). 

Why do your products sell out so fast?

We are a small family business...this means we carry what our family can handle! We offer a wide range of products in small batches, which means new things will often sell out quickly. We restock to the best of our ability, but things can always go sideways...if you like something, we recommend not hesitating!

Out of Stock Products

We try to remove out of stock products that we cannot (or will not) get more of quickly, but in the case of some products in various sizes, this isn't possible. If there is anything you are interested in, we suggest setting up an email notification for when they come back in stock. If you see a product that is out of stock completely, but not removed, we intend to re-stock. By setting up a notification, not only do you get alerted to its restock, you help us know how many to buy! Items on clearance are almost never re-stocked, unless they are a seasonal piece (like Krampus goods or swimsuits). 


We are open to working with online bloggers for certain projects, so feel free to contact us.


We offer wholesale on a select number of items, predominately enamel pins and jewelry. Items must be marked with "Witching Hour Baby" to even be possible. Just contact us if you are interested!

Clothing Lines

We are open to carrying other lines in our shop! Please contact us through the website with your website and product information.