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Holiday Shipping Calendar

Hello everyone!

Let's start off with a HUGE THANKS to everyone who shopped early during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday season. All orders have been dispatched, so if you have any questions, shoot us a message and let us help you out.

Now, for those of us still deciding on our gifts, here is a handy dandy set of rules and time frames to follow to make sure that you have a merry merry this December.

USA Domestic ORDER BY Dates

  • December 14th: First class mail is likely to arrive if you order by this date. Nothing guaranteed for this service, due to the pandemic
  • December 17th: Priority Mail is likely to arrive if you order by this date
  • Priority Express Mail has been removed due to the pandemic conditions of this year's postal service. We cannot guarantee packages and this service cannot be honored at this time.

International Mail Orders - 

Due to customs and the pandemic, we cannot guarantee any package delivery dates for this month. If you would like guidance on what shipping type has the best chance to getting there by your holiday date, please contact us.

Tips and info - 

  1. What do these dates mean? Well, these are the dates that the post office suggests to receive your items by. Sadly, with the pandemic and overall post office issues, we cannot guarantee arrival of any packages by certain dates...normally, yes, but this year has seen a lot of trials and tribulations and the post office's time frames are not as rigid as past years. We appreciate your understanding this year.
  2. The earlier you order, the better. We are in a pandemic...everything takes longer! The best way to avoid stress is to buy early.
  3. These dates are subject to change because, you guessed it, WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC! All the more reason to plan ahead.
  4. We may get some restocks or new items this month, but most items cannot be re-stocked. If you have questions about items, do not hesitate to let us know what you are hoping for.
  5. We ship out within 24 hours if there is mail the next day (no shipping goes out on Sundays), unless our mailing volume is super high. Want your order to go out by a particular time? Just email us!

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