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Halloweek: The Shining Twins

Time to embrace the classics! The Shining has some of the most memorable iconography and characters in horror, from the carpet pattern to the Grady Twins. Our daughters aren't exactly twins, but being less than 2 years apart in age, we decided to tackle this traditional horror scene. We don't have a plethora of images since their scene, while memorable, is short and stationary. Enjoy the photo and make sure to check out our Instagram for a short video clip!


DISCLAIMER: We get some comments about "robbing" our kids of Halloween costumes...not the case! These looks are done in the weeks leading up to Halloween and the kids don't do any costume element they aren't comfortable with. Halloween day costumes are the girls' choice, always, and no babies are harmed in the making of these photos. Any negative comments regarding this will be nice!

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