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Halloweek: Crimson Peak

When we had settled on Women in Horror as this year's Halloweek theme, my first instinct was to recreate Edith Cushing's dramatic night look from the gothic horror movie Crimson Peak. This gorgeous movie from Guillermo del Toro features a huge gothic mansion, red clay peeking through white snow, and the most dramatic early 1900s garments you could dream of. Once I snagged this 1960s communion dress, I knew that Zara was well on her way to transforming into Edith. For reference here as some photos of the character.

 SO beautiful. Now, onto our version!




Disclaimer: Please note that our daughters approve the looks and while they may not know the characters they are portraying, they thoroughly enjoy dressing up. Their actual Halloween costumes are their choice alone and we simply do these an additional, fun family tradition. Any negative comments will be deleted.

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