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Halloweek: Buffy + Willow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (both the TV show and the movie!) has such a warm place in my heart. I knew this year was finally the time to turn Remy and Zara into these magical BFFs! Here are some reminders of what the characters look like:

Buffy loved a streamlined tank and flare pants combo with her signature silver cross necklace. Willow is a kooky WILD card of patterns, textures, and wacky hats. We had fun and I think my daughters are excited to keep these clothes for their own wardrobes, ha!

Disclaimer: Please note that our daughters approve the looks and while they may not know the characters they are portraying, they thoroughly enjoy dressing up. Their actual Halloween costumes are their choice alone and we simply do these an additional, fun family tradition. Any negative comments will be deleted.

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