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Black Friday Sale Info

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to lay out some information about how our holiday sale was going to work this year, to make sure everyone is shopping informed! Please read through and plan your holiday shopping accordingly.

  • We will be offering one 25% off everything coupon code this season. It will not change between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We will not put the whole site on sale again until after the holidays, at the earliest. Some categories may have sales (for example toys or winter gear), but nothing is planned currently.
  • Those on our email list will get access to the discount code a full 24 hours early (on Wednesday 11/25/20). You can sign up at the bottom of this page, simply scroll down to see the sign up bar on the bottom right. It is very beneficial to be on the list because...
  • Our inventory is not massive on lots of items. We are a small, home based business. Many items will sell out quickly and won't be back in stock until after the sale has ended (some perhaps never). Some items may even sell out before the code launches...we apologize, but our stock is as full as physically possible right now and we hope you can snag something you love.
  • The code will be available on all of our social media and our shop front on Thursday 11/26/20.
  • It will expire at midnight PST on Monday 11/30/20.
  • This coupon is not valid on items purchased before Wednesday 11/25/20. 
  • We cannot do "pre-orders" with this coupon for items coming back into stock after the sale. In fact, we don't offer pre-orders unless otherwise stated.
  • If you have any questions, simply leave a comment before or send us an email!

Happy shopping, everyone! 

- Witching Hour Baby




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